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Life begins outside the box

Is your comfort zone restricting your quality of life?

It is a common situation in life, that we create the box that we live within.

We spend years creating familiar, safe and reliable routines.

We visit the same shops, we eat at the same places, we socialise with the same people.

These routines are great for creating efficiency, simplicity and economy in life however after a while these routines begin to form the structure of the box that we live within and left unchanged will start to slowly reduce our quality of life.

Our comfort zone begins to shrink and we become restricted within the box that we have created, finding it difficult to step outside the comfort zone to try new things, meet new people or make the changes that we really want to make in our lives.

Now, you might be thinking – well I am quite happy with my comfort zone thank you!

And that’s great, until change comes knocking at the door.

When change begins to push at the edges of our comfort zone, we instinctively resist, we become rigid and inflexible, unable to adapt. This inability to embrace and adapt to change leads to anxiety and an inability to cope with life.

We are then faced with a choice – Try and maintain the status quo by retreating deeper into our box and allow our comfort zone to shrink further, thereby reducing our quality of life or -

Take incremental steps to increase our comfort zones and build ourselves a bigger box for more of life to fill.

So, how do you increase your comfort zone?

Well the great thing is that you already know intuitively what you should be doing to achieve this. You’ve already read about the places you want to visit, seen the groups you would find interesting to join, you’ve already heard about the cafes that you’d like to try or seen advertised the clothes you’d like to wear.

Increasing your comfort zone is something that requires doing despite the fear. The fear does not go away until we move into it and through it – only then it is gone.

Take a step outside your comfort zone and see what new joys life has to offer.

For help stepping outside your comfort zone visit and see how a life coach can help you create the life that you really want to Live.

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