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Purpose is critical to Life Balance

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

without purpose, life has no meaning.

I've heard people say that you need to find your purpose in life, like it's an elusive, intangible fate based mission. This is not true.

Purpose is something you create for yourself. It's not something you spend your life seeking to find or waiting for a bolt of lightening to realise.

Simply put: Purpose is the reason you get up in the morning.

It is often an intention, goal or dream to work towards, something beyond yourself, that feels like a contribution or service to yourself, others or a larger altruistic reason.

Purpose, Intention, Mission, Dreams & Vision are all used to describe the why that gives life a reason to live.

Without purpose life begins to feels dull, repetitive, lacklustre and eventually depression can creep in. In business, a Leader without purpose will not fight through adversity and disruption, have no goals or larger vision for the company and tends to blame shift or give up if things get too difficult.

The larger the purpose the more it will guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. For some, purpose is connected to vocation and feels like satisfying work, for others it is a hobby and others a bucket list.

Any purpose no matter how seemingly small can give value to life, as simple as being a good parent or creating art for the purpose of self expression.

The ultimate sense of purpose is when fireworks happen, a cross between passion, talent and purpose. Time slows down and work feels like play. Life is on steroids as joy and growth become the end result of purpose.

How do you create purpose in your life?

A Life coach can help you gain the clarity and I invite you to answer the following questions.

  • You need a willingness to explore, experiment and even fail - are you ready?

  • Are you aware of what makes time slow down for you? (that is a clue)

  • What are you naturally good at or known for?

  • What emotions would you like to feel or experience more of?

  • How would you like to serve others?

  • What can you share or teach others?

  • What intention or mission statement would you like to govern your life?

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