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Self Care in times of Chaos

When big change enters our lives, whether welcomed such as a new baby, or completely unexpected like a global pandemic, it can really shake us up. For some of us the uncertainty that change brings can feel overwhelming and even out of control.

The dust is still settling on this pandemic and we can't quite see what the future holds for our beloved country or the global community and for the first time in our history the ramifications of this event are being felt by every living human on the planet.

This change is both exciting and trepidatious. We are all experiencing a very steep learning curve; from new hygiene practises to adapting to working from home, navigating technology so we can stay connected to renegotiating work agreements and implementing new workplace policies just to stay in business.

We are building the plane as we fly it.

(A phrase coined in Silicon Valley by entrepreneurial start-ups no longer seems like such a nonsensical idiom given our current global circumstances.)

Despite the external chaos around us, we can help to calm the storm within us and Self Care is key.

Remember back to a time when we could fly freely around the world and the flight attendant told us to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs?

That form of self care is sensible altruism.

You're no good to your family if you're anxiety is through the roof and you're tired all the time, but I'm not talking about a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Self Care is the ability to recognise what needs to be in our inner circle (our daily life) and what doesn't.

What energises us, inspires us, what creative activity makes us lose track of time, who lifts us, what food keeps us healthy and which places help us feel calm and at peace. These are the things that spark joy in our lives and replenish our energy.

This is what we need to prioritise more of in our inner circle.

Conversely, we also need to get clear on what self care is not and place that outside our circle.

What brings our energy down, who drains us, what food shouldn't we be eating, how much technology should we be exposed to, what activities, chores or tasks make us feel exhausted or stressed?

These only add to the external pressures around us and as such, boundaries are needed to limit the time and exposure that these places, people and activities have within our circle.

By getting clear on what we need in our circle to rejuvenate ourselves, we can bounce back from chaos with renewed energy, vitality and creative innovation that will be needed to build the plane.


Life coaching can help build your resilience and adaptability to change in times of chaos - visit and book a session today.

If you are still struggling with anxiety or not coping well during these challenging times, reach out to the councillors on LifeLine Australia for immediate assistance on 13114.

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