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Self Faith

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

deeper than self belief is self faith, an unshakeable knowing that your inner wisdom is right for you.

Beyond the rational mind which is fear based or the subconscious mind which has been programmed by generations of parental and societal conditioning, somewhere lies even higher states of consciousness.

Eastern wisdom traditions refer to the Guru or teacher within and uses meditation to access these higher states of inner wisdom.

Unlike external faith that puts our trust and belief in others such as experts or teachers or religious faith that puts trust and belief in a higher power or God, Self Faith is a belief that we have access to our own inner wisdom or Self Truth.

We've all experienced inner wisdom as instincts and intuition received through the body as messages such pain and tension, hair standing up on the backs of the neck and stomach butterflies but we also experience messages through our body as emotional states, often unexplained fear, heightened alertness, uneasiness, hesitation etc

You may have even experienced this inner wisdom messages as thoughts such as "something doesn't feel right".

More than gut feeling and instinct which can stop us in our tracks or even prevent calamity,

Inner wisdom can take the form of specific answers to our questions, insights and revelations on our personal problems, guidance and direction that is right for us and rings true in our heart, often being the best solution for all involved.

Because inner wisdom is unique in the sense that it is unfiltered or un-tainted by misunderstanding or mis-translations from others. Inner wisdom is information that is accessible by you, for you and best suited to you.

Try accessing your Inner Wisdom with a few simple exercises.

1. Sit in a quiet place, take a journal and at the top of a page write down a clear objective question that relates to an issue or decision that you have to make.

In your non-dominate hand begin writing a letter to yourself from your higher self. Don't think and don't prevent the flow of information, just write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how strange or crazy it seems. Keep writing until your mind is no longer in control.

2. Follow a meditation practice to clear your mind, this might be in the form of a chanting mantra, a guided meditation, intense cardo vascular exercise followed by 20 minutes of stillness and silence or simply staring at the horizon for 20 minutes.

When you feel you have calmed your body and mind significantly ask yourself your question and observe where in your body you can feel the answer.

  • Is there heat or cold in the body when you consider your question?

  • Notice any sensations in the body: pain - tension - unease

  • Are there any dominate emotions coming up when you lightly ponder your question?

  • Is there movement in the body - tingles or heart beating faster when you think about your question.

If you still are not clear on your answer or feel like you are receiving mixed messages - ensure you question is objective and non bias, is not multiple questions or a statement.

3. Ask your inner wisdom for an answer in the form of a specific and uncommon sign to your question in the next 24 hours. Ask to be shown the sign in the way that you are categorically certain it is for you.

For example a yes answer might look like a blue peacock

and a no answer might be a pink elephant.

Then simply keep your mind open as you go about your day.

All the best with accessing your inner wisdom and practising your Self Faith.

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