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Surrender the Mind

If you find yourself over thinking, ruminating or cycling around the same repetitive thoughts in your mind. If every time you are left alone with your mind, you are reflecting on a past event or longing for a different future, then your mind is overworking and needs a reset.

The mind is like software and when overwhelmed by stress or decision making can get so focused on the issue that it becomes an obsession for mind.

When the mind becomes fixated on a problem or circumstance for long enough, the overthinking can become exhausting and start to impact our immune systems and general mental health.

When the mind is fixated on a problem, it closes to the ability to objectively and rationally see the problem for what it truly is. The truth becomes distorted and the severity of the issue can become irrational. We are unable to see other perspectives, options and solutions that are available to us.

At some point, the internal pressure and weight of the issue become so heavy and exhausting that we just need to let it go.

We need to Surrender the mind.

Surrender is a spiritual concept taught in many cultures, but it can also be thought of in logical terms, as a way to clear out an overworked mind.

Surrender is not about giving up hope or giving in to the overwhelm of a situation and being crushed by it.

Surrender is a letting go of the problem in the knowledge that there is a part of you that is greater than your mind, that will handle it. This part of you is actually far better equipped to handle this situation than your mind ever could. I think of this part of myself as my higher consciousness, my higher self.

Call it what you like, this part of you is wise, fearless and best of all, knows exactly what's right for you in any given moment.

What's more, this greater consciousness is in constant communication with you through your instincts, intuition, dreams, signs and subtle feelings. (often communication methods which do not rely on thoughts filtered through your mind - for obvious reasons!)

We can use many different ways to surrender (clear out the mind) excess worries, emotions, fears and overwhelming thoughts to our higher consciousness.

Just a note here: As I'm sure you are aware, dulling the mind with alcohol, drugs, over eating and escapism like books, tv or video games is not the same as clearing the mind. This just slows the process down further, creating a backlog within the already overworked mind leading to quicker burn out.

So here are my top 10 tips to surrender & clear the mind:

  1. Journaling: getting the thoughts out of your mind and onto paper - starting with the phrase: "Higher self please handle these..."

  2. Ask for Help: Asking your higher self to take over driving, to give your mind a break in the knowing that your higher self is more equipped to navigate your life anyways. Follow through on any inklings that you get to move, create or get outdoors as this is your higher self nudging you in the right direction.

  3. Salt Water: Swimming in the ocean and sending your concerns into the salt water with each wave that splashes over you. This is a very powerful practise, shouting and screaming into the waves is a great way to release burdens and troubles, leaving you feeling like a new person.

  4. Fire: Write your the concerns on post it notes, read them aloud and then burn them, allowing the energy to transmute in the flames. Keep writing and burning until your mind starts to clear.

  5. Meditation: dropping into a peaceful state and seeing yourself place your worries on a large gold platter, piling them high and placing the platter at the feet of your higher self or the steps to your own inner temple - like a offering. This is particular effective for really big or overwhelming issues that you may be facing as well as things you may be trying to manifest.

  6. Realise: Understanding that you don't actually have to do or think anything about these concerns, like watching passing clouds in the sky, you can choose to remain unaffected by these concerns with the understanding that the right path will reveal itself in right timing. This technique works for people who are less emotional and more rational thinkers. See your concern float away like clouds, or erase them from a whiteboard.

  7. Plate smash: Buying some cheap dinner plates (kmart 75c) use permanent markers to write your concerns all over the plate (both sides) and have fun smashing it up! A very cathartic experience that unlocks anger and releases deeper emotions.

  8. Give it to your team: if Surrendering to your higher self seems a little hard to do, you can always call on your team of guides, Angels or Divine in any form you resonate with to take the burdens from you.

  9. A good cry: will release pent up emotions stored in your cells that are compounding the problem that you are trying to work through.

  10. Rigorous exercise: will release pent up emotions stored in your cells that are compounding the problem that you are trying to work through.

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