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Unlock your Heart

Have you heard the Japanese legend of the Red String of Fate?.

Legend has it that a red string is tied to the little pinkie fingers of souls destined to be together by the god, Yuè Xià Lǎorén, the old lunar matchmaker god. The string emanates from your heart, travels down into your pinkie finger and is connected to the pinkie finger and heart of your soulmate regardless of distance or time.

The legend says "this magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break."

Each culture has it's own version of fate or destiny but when you lean into this legend, there is a comfort that comes from the idea that your ideal partner is out there and one day you will be together. Honestly, I didn't really believe in the little red string but I liked the fantasy that somewhere out there was my ideal partner, soulmate, twin flame whatever you name it.

So, imagine my surprise when we actually found each-other!

We have so much in common, yet it's the little things that still spin me out; for instance;

We both love hiking and camping. Ok - not so uncommon, but more specifically lightweight minimalist camping. Yet even more specifically, we are fascinated by the best, most ingeniously designed lightweight camping gear. If that isn't enough, we are both obsessed with organising this gear ready for a spontaneous adventure, that we became deliriously excited one weekend when we bought colour coordinated drybags for each category of gear that we needed to carry. Blue for toiletries, yellow for tech gear, green for food, red for first aid - well you get the picture.

So what are the odds of finding another human that is as uniquely weird as you are?

As long as a piece of string?

Believe me they are out there. Dreaming about you.

There is nothing you can do to speed it up, manipulate circumstances to bring it about or draw them closer. (trust me, I tried!)

But you can UNLOCK YOUR HEART in preparation for this love.

Take the time now to think about all the games you play in relationships.

The way you change yourself to fit a relationship, the masks you wear and the impossible expectations and standards that you set.

List all of it - everything you do that sabotages love, the way you push others away or how you attract a superficial connection.

This is how we lock our hearts to the possibility of real love.

A closed heart will not see real love even when it is standing in front of us.

❤ Be aware of how you've sabotaged love in the past

❤ What games do you play? How do you manipulate love?

❤ Notice the masks you wear, the person you portray to others - is it the real you?

❤ Understand that the past is behind you now - you do not have to repeat it.

❤ Don't compare new partners to your previous partners

❤ Assumptions are dangerous. Don't assume anything - always check if you are unsure.

The person on the end of your red string will not be impressed by games, does not want to sleep with you on the first date and will become tired and frustrated by masks and walls if they never come down. Your ideal partner is interested in you, what's in your heart, how you really feel and what you really think.

❤ You are already everything your ideal partner has been searching for and more.

❤ You are enough, you are worthy.

❤ You are loved, lovable and loving, so let others see that.

❤ Your real self is the perfect self.

The next step to unlocking your heart is opening your mind to the different possibilities of who your red string love may be.

A closed heart is focused on looks, profession, income, assets and a long list of 'should haves'. Things which are impermeant and can be lost as soon as they are gained.

An open heart is looking for a partner who is kind, generous, content in themselves, makes you laugh, respects, encourages and challenges you to be a better person and so on. These are intangible yet form the essence of who they are.

Just because you know your soulmate is on the end of a little red string, doesn't mean you give up looking for them. This kind of love takes bravery to find and we can all think of couples who have given up too soon and settled for someone who is not their ideal partner.

Bravery is the act of leaving the house with an unlocked heart.

How will you know when you've met the person who holds the other end of your red string in their heart?

You will recognise them by how they make you feel.

You feel comfortable, at ease, respected and like you are the only person in the room when you are in their company.

Time stands still when you are together.

Stillness and Silence are comfortable as your hearts do all the talking.

Laughter will be real.

Compliments will be meant.

When you do speak, you can talk for hours.

Your realness brings out their realness and visa versa.


For help to Unlock your Heart, reach out on and see how a life coach can help you create the Life you really want to Live.

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