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You are not broken, the system is broken.

I have so many clients who tell me what it's like to work within a broken system. teachers, nurses, executives, politicians, builders, emergency service workers ...

It breaks my heart listening to the adversities that people endure in toxic and broken systems. Whole industries and business sectors that were created to manage society that over time have grown so large and so complex, have become strangled by red tape, bureaucracy or corruption that the system is now in chaos.

I was reflecting on why so many systems are broken and I think that most of the systems began with altruistic dreams to service society in one way or another, however these systems are built upon the foundations of values and morals from past generations. Over time population growth, changing needs, technological advancements and human corruption have served to degrade the systems efficiencies.

Further-more add to this - what I think has been a leap in human consciousness that has caused us to out-grow the system faster than we ever expected, making the values, mindsets and behaviours that created the systems now seem antiquated and obsolete.

Our values have changed and these old systems struggle to support our new values. Values like equality in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, accessibility, individualism and work-life balance just to name a few values.

However we as individuals have also taken a leap in consciousness, so whilst we can see the problems, we are also more equipped and capable than ever to fix them.

So I ponder....

A broken system is filled with problems but problems are the opportunities for solutions to be found.

A broken system reflects what we wish to move away from, giving us clues to what we would like to move towards as society evolves.

A broken system forces change.

A broken system is a classroom for our personal development, it can:

Make us feel uncomfortable.

May eventually breaks us (which is not a bad thing)

Causes us to self examine and re-evaluate our own values and beliefs.

Creates an environment for greater personal challenges, learning and growth.

Allows new thought leaders to step up.

Cultivates resilience, adaptation and flexibility.

Breeds warriors and fighters.

Understand though, a broken system needs to transcend itself to evolve,

and you are part of that.

If the system does not evolve, it will eventually collapse and fail completely as this is the natural order of everything. If you are working within a broken system then you are part of that system too.

So how do you transcend the chaos of a broken system?

When you approach a broken system with a Growth mindset of openness and almost childlike curiosity, you suddenly are not of it, but above it and from here you can see its flaws and choose how you wish to engage with it.

From here you can see that a solution requires multiple perspectives and cannot be solved by one person alone.

You take your power back from it.

With new thinking and new perspective you can rise above the chaos and see the system and its players from an objective vantage point and you can decide, what your part will be in the destruction or the reinvention of the system.

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