I started my career as a large-scale commercial Interior Designer. After many years as an executive in the corporate world, I had become highly successful yet was at the point of total burnout.

I had zero Work - Life balance, my health and mental well being were suffering, I had no time for friends and my bucket list was overflowing with exotic destinations that I never seemed to get to.

The life that I wanted

always seemed to be out of reach.

I took a leap of faith and left the industry altogether.

I started intensive training as a Transformational Leadership consultant with Chaordic Global Consulting, working with Leaders and their teams from around the world, to develop their leadership, build high performing teams and improve organisational cultures.

I am living testament

that Inner Transformation works

It was a journey of personal development, inner work and unlearning to get to where I am today and it is still ongoing.


I have learnt the greatest lessons from the school of life, transforming from serious injury, crippling depression, career setbacks and relationship failures to become the person I am today. I've studied personal development courses with teachers and Gurus from around the world, learnt to meditate and have been mentored by the best Leadership experts.

But in the end, I had to let go of who I thought I was, to become who I was meant to be.


I sought out and cultivated genuine relationships and pursued meaning in my work because I began living in alignment with my values, living with more integrity & freedom than ever before.

Relocating to the coast allowed me to enjoy a greater work-life balance than I ever imagined was possible.

I look forward to sharing the same skills,

tools and wisdom with you.  ​

Wishing you all the best on your Journey


"The Life coaching sessions were inspiring and motivational and the strategies and tools were just what I needed to grow my business

without the constant juggling and stress."



"I had the absolute pleasure of sitting in connection and meditation with Lauren. A kind and generous soul, who shared heart and her soul. 

I had no real expectations (about the meditation) and the universe gifted me with kindness and love. Thankyou Lauren"





Offices Coffs Harbour 2450

Office hours: Monday - Friday

10am - 5pm

After hours or weekend sessions can be arranged.

National and International sessions held via zoom video conferencing.

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